I’m About To Have An Implant Put In. Will It Hurt?

Hi Dr McGovern. I’m about to have an implant put in as I have a missing tooth. I’m pretty scared of dentists and tend to get a bit panicky when I go, so I’m really nervous now!! Will it hurt? I’ve got a low pain threshold so I’m scared it’s really going to hurt me. And will my mouth swell up afterwards? I don’t want that! 
Hello, thank you for contacting me. The procedure itself is carried out under local aesthetic, so you won’t feel any pain. Once it has worn off, there might be some discomfort but it will wear off after a few days. Unfortunately there may be some swelling, but it will go down. If you do feel pain in the days after treatment, talk to your dentist and they should be able to prescribe you some pain relief medication. Good luck! 
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