I’m getting toothache and a strange taste from my crown. What could it be?

hi doctor,
i recently got a job,but it pays very little and is self-employed,i hardly have any money for dental treatment,and need to go to my dentist because im now getting toothache where my crown is,i hear that it can cost up to £209 for a new crown,which i cant afford,what are my options on low income,is there a way to pay in installments ?
or can i get it done free or cheaper on nhs through my dentist?
i dont know ho long i can go without getting treatment as from past experinces once you start getting a tooth ache it only gets worse and does not go away,it hurts when i eat mainly and bite down on my crown,i had this crown done about 12 years ago,and my dentist tells me he would like to remove it to see whats going on underneath,he also tells me it could be a health risk as theres a gap between my tooth and crown where food and stuff get stuck,i do floss often and use mouthwash,and often there is a strange taste in my mouth coming from that area,so im a bit worried especially now theres a slight pain in that area now.
also a few years ago i had a local anestepic to remove a walt and after i passed out twice,so when/if i have dentist treatment im also worried about the injection and if it will make me pass out again,i have had many injections prior to this but had no problems.
hope you can help and asnwer all these questions from me,
thanks in advance.
It may be an infection under the tooth that requires treatment, pop along to your NHS dentist they will be able to diagnose the problem and give you a clearer idea of the costs involved
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