Is it possible to do a bone graft around Bicon implant where there is bone loss?

i am 32 and a non smoker i had a bi con dental implant on my front tooth 8 years ago during a check up and x rays it was discovered that the bone around the implant was deteriorating due to an infection. The dentist decided that due to the amount of bone loss more than half the implant would have to come out the crown was taken out but the implant remained solid in the remaining bone. Healing can placed on implant. Can new bone be grafted around the implant or does it have to be removed? what are my options ? Thanks
Removal is not usually that easy for Bicon implants as they are not a screw type implant i.e. you can’t just reverse torque them out. Bone grafting around all implants is not a very predictable procedure. If you want to see if it is possible to save the implant, I would suggest you contact Bicon and ask if you can get the number of an expert Bicon user and see if they can help. If you are in the UK, then the guys who bring Bicon into the UK are good guys, so I am sure visiting one of them will get you the best advice.
If you just want the implant removed and to go again then there are lots of people who can help.
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