Is it safe to get my infected tooth removed and immediately replaced with an implant?

My top front tooth (left central incisor) is loose due to periodontal gum disease which I have been battling for over 20 years. I currently have an infection which has caused a small lump to form on my gum and there is a slight discharge where the tooth meets the gum. This is despite 3 monthly hygienist appointments throughout the 20 years at which I am frequently told my oral hygiene is good. I have been told that the tooth cannot be saved and will have to be extracted but that a dental implant can be inserted into the socket immediately after the tooth is removed and a temporary denture or maryland bridge put in place until a permanent crown can be placed. I am told that the bone around the tooth has gone but that there is sufficient bone further up to secure the implant without a bone graft and that the infection will clear as soon as the tooth is removed. I have always been given to understand by my own dentist that the bone loss is quite severe so I was surprised to be told by the implant dentist that a bone graft would not be necessary and I am also rather worried about the presence of infection as everything I have read about implants seems to stress that the gums must be free of infection if the implant is to be successful. I would appreciate your comments as I am feeling very confused and worried about being left with an unsightly gap if the implant fails.
If the tooth is removed the infection will go as the tooth is the source of the infection. I would normally carry out the procedure you describe without any real problems, you may need antibiotics before or after the extraction and placement. the implant will be implanted into the bone above the end of the root so it sounds like this might work for you, obviously talk it through with the implant dentist if your still not sure.
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