Is it worth me having all of this surgery done to hold the dental implants?

Q. Hello. I\’ve been told I need both a gum graft AND a bone graft due to gum disease and me wanting to receive dental implants. Do you think it\’s worth getting all this surgery done? If i do what are the chances of me actually having dental implants and them lasting? Thank you,
A. Thanks for your question. I can\’t say whether I think it\’s worth you having treatment as that is your decision or the prognosis of any treatment you have carried out. It\’s important to realise that dental implants are not fit and forget and need to be cared for and maintained in a similar way to your natural teeth with regular cleaning and visits with the dental hygienist. Ensuring that your oral hygiene is excellent will improve the long term prognosis for your oral health. Regards George Glover
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