My 10 year old son has knocked out his permanent front teeth, what should I do?

my 10 yearold son has knocked out his 2 front teeth (permanent ones!) getting conflicting adviceabout space/bridge/implants not sure what choices i have..but i do now that its only been 7days since the accident, he wont go out to play, its knocked his confidence, we are on school holidays now till 16th, but i cant imagine how he is going to feel when he has to go back to school. we are back at the dentist on the 16th, they dont seemto be that worried about it, but as his mother i am..any advice is greatly appreciated as i seem to be getting swamped with info overload on the internet…thank you for your time..
I would consider making him a small retainer with teeth on so he can smile again. This should also prevent the drift of the adjacent teeth as well. I personally try to treat these sorts of problems straight away rather than leave things too long.
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