My 12 year old son is soon to lose a tooth, how long should he wait until he can have a dental implant?

Hi my son had an accident at the age of 6 or 7 a football dislodged one of his front tooth. The dentist we saw made him wear what i would describe as like a protective gum sheild for a while to protect and save it she said, although she did not push it back up into the gum. He is now 12 1/2 and the tooth although not giving him any pain has slowly started to discolour. He went to the dentist yesterday after an appointment with a arthodonist who said that after an xray that he will eventually loose the tooth, but needed a root canal. Obviously this really upset me as he is so young. My own dentist tooth a further xray who then said he did not what to do! He said that when teeth are dislodged they usually reset but this hasnt there is a gap at the top so a root canal cannot be done.And that the tooth is eating away at the root/nerve i cannot remember and this nwill eventually make the tooth loose. If he does loose the tooth, when would he be able to have a dental implant? I. Many thanks
Cases such as these are difficult to manage. Often the child needs a brace first, then the tooth removing, replaced with an adhesive bridge, prior to placing a dental implant when he is an adult- aged 18-20.Unfortunately you must wait until he is that age for the jaw to stop growing.
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