My 13 Year Old Son Has Had a Tooth Knocked Out. What Shall We Do?

Hello Dr Moore. My son is 13 and lost one of his front teeth whilst playing football with his friends. I’ve been looking at our options online and am not sure which treatment would be best. It’s only been 6 days since it happened and he’s very upset. As an image-conscious teen he’s worried about what people will think about him and it’s upsetting for me to see him so unhappy. What do you think the best treatment option would be? Thank you so much. 
Hello, thank you for your question and I’m sorry to hear about your son’s distress. I think a good idea would be to have a retainer made with a tooth on. This will prevent the surrounding teeth from drifting. I would suggest going to the dentist as soon as possible to get the problem treated. Hope this is helpful. 
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