My Dental Implant Crown Keeps Coming Loose. Have You Ever Heard Of This Happening?

Hello Dr Fahey, I hope you can help me. My dental implant crown has come loose 4 times in the last year and the screw has been tightened each time which only lasts a few weeks at a time. Have you ever heard of this happening? Twice it has happened while I was flossing under it. It doesn’t hurt at all, it’s just the crown is coming loose which worries me. Any advice? Can we glue that screw in there?My dentist is considering ordering some new part but he told me he has never seen this before. Thanks.
Hello, thank you for getting in touch. It’s difficult for me to say without seeing the implant in person but based on what you have told me it does sound like the implant or screw is damaged in some way. See how the new part works, if you still have problems, see if another dentist can fix it. I hope this helps, Dr Nick Fahey.
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