My dental implant is loose, can I have it refitted?


is it possible to have dental implants refitted? one of mine has begun to come loose and i can wobbly the tooth quite a bit with my finger now. will it be ok to have the implant refitted into the gap, or will i have to have another course of treatment to go with it? i really do not want a denture plate as one dentist recommended, so any help you can give would be brilliant.
thank you dr glover

Thanks for your question.

There can be many reasons that you have a loose tooth. The full implant is usually 3 main components. The implant that is buried in the jaw bone, the titanium abutment that screws into the abutment that supports the crown. The crown that is screwed or cemented onto the abutment.

It’s not uncommon for the abutment or crown to become loose and these are usually checked by your dentist at an annual checkup, but if they are loose they should always be checked without delay.

If it is the actual implant that is loose; they can sometimes be removed and replaced – it depends on the amount of space available and how much bone is available but this is normally something that would be done by a very experience implant dentist.

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