My Dental Implant Was Infected Almost Immediately. What Should My Dentist Be Doing Next?

My dental implant was infected almost immediately, and I have had 3 courses of antibiotics over the last 3 months. What should my dentist be doing? I have lost confidence in them as last week I went to have the ‘tooth’ part fitted, only to be told that the infection meant that there was not enough bone and I should come back this week for him to investigate. I have had no x-rays since the implant was first put in. What do you think they should do?
Thank you for your enquiry. It seems to me that the current implant might need removing, and a new implant placed once the infection of the bone has fully resolved. See what happens after your dentist investigates the situation this week, he might well come to the same conclusion as me. Hope this helps!
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