My dentist has needed to replace my crown 3 times, will this affect my dental implant?

I have just completed treatment for an upper left premolar and adjacent upper left molar. All preparatory treatment went well, no problems, until the placement of the crowns: the first placement was a total misfit, and was resent to dental lab/technician for correction. 2nd attempt was better, but sent back again for adjustments; 3rd fitting seemed good – comfortable and cosmetically v. good. However, back home when I had a meal for first time, I noticed that top implants and bottom teeth were not meshing properly, and I was unable to chew my food properly. I reported back to my dentist next day, but he said he couldn’t find a problem, although he did not check with that special ‘occlusion’ paper test. Of course, he could not check the interior of my teeth with a mirror either, whilst teeth were closed. I was told to wait a week to see if still a problem,
There is still a problem – a big gap between top (implants) and bottom molars, so that I am unable to chew food properly on this side. As a result, I am mainly chewing on the other side of my mouth – surely not good long-term?
My questions:
Why has this problem occurred? Should the dentist replace these crowns? Does all this removal and refitting of crowns (3 times so far, and possibly more to follow) compromise or damage the underlying implants?
Your opinion much appreciated.
I’m not sure why the problem has occurred although its probably due to distortion of the impressions or bite records. I think they should be replaced or adjusted in the lab if the bite isn’t meeting. Fortunately it won’t affect the implants in the long term once the problem is corrected
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