My dentist removed more teeth than I expected and now I do not know what to do?

As a teenager I was told I needed two teeth removing. Due to my fear of the procedure I have it done under general anaesthetic on the NHS. When I awake I found they’d taken 6 and I had not given consent to do so. My dentist said only 2 needed to be removed and the rest could be saved. Since then I’ve lost another 2 which have just crumbled away. Losing so many teeth has affected my speech and now at 29 I don’t ha d the confidence to talk to people. I don’t have thousands of pounds for implants and I am so angry with the NHS for putting me in this position. What options do I have please? My NHS dentist can’t help.
I’m afraid this sort of implant treatment isn’t available on the NHS. You may need to consider having a good set of partial dentures made to fill the spaces.
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