My dentist tells me getting all my teeth our and replacing them with implants is not a good idea. What is your opinion?

Q. Hello, I am age 40 and very depressingly I have rapidly decaying teeth (I don’t eat much sugar), I wear an upper denture with three teeth on it, and have another four upper crowns at least that are held on very little tooth. My bottom back teeth are all filled heavily and i have two bottom crowns. I am a nervous patient with a sensitive gag reflex and a phobia about vomiting but I do manage to attend as regularly as required, my caring and patient dentist. Instead of going through endless dental proceedures on my horrible teeth I would really like to have all of my teeth taken out and implant supported dentures top and bottom, my dentist doesnt think this is a good idea because he says my teeth have some years left in them yet as long as i keep attending and having work done as required. I hate every appointment and would like a solution for my mouth that has me dentist free for many years. Please advice.,
A. Hi It is very difficult to suggest what is the best option without examining your mouth. What you have to remember is that by having dental implants , you will still have to see the dentist regularly for the upkeep of your implants.
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