My Dentist Won’t Refer Me For Implants. What Shall I Do?

Hi Dr Bohara, I’m hoping you can give me some advice about dental implants. I’m a 55 year old male and have visited two dentists at separate practices within the NHS, and both have decided to remove my problem teeth but neglected to discuss with me the options of dental implants and such. I now have 5 missing teeth and would ideally like implants. I’ve been to see my nearest implant specialist but he says I need to be referred by another dentist, and my current one is adamant I have dentures. I’m not happy with the way the missing teeth make me look. I’d be grateful to hear your advice.
Hello, thank you for your question. It’s strange that the implant specialist will only take referrals. If your current dentist won’t refer you, I would suggest looking for another implant dentist in your area if possible. Try and do a bit of research into their previous work in dentistry, as this will give you an idea about the quality of their work. Good luck.
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