My healthy white tooth was filed down so excessively that veneers will not work and I am on constant pain. Can you help me find a solution?

Q. I have had a very healthy white tooth filed down so excessively that a veneer will not stay on the remaining small stub of a tooth. I am in constant pain and without a tooth. I am a young female and i have ended up losing my job through the problems it has caused. Originally the dentist said he would only need to take of a millermetre or so to get the veneer to bond, after countless times of it falling out i have but a very painful stub and i cant leave my home. The gum is badly infected and i need a long term solution as the tooth isnt big enough to keep a crown or veneer on it. Plus my bite is like scissors and my bottom teeth hit the top teeth. My teeth were never suitable for a veneer in the first place aparently. I havent biten anything in years and i can sleep at night as my jaw has nowhere to rest in a comfortable position due to my bite not touching at the back. Seeds nuts and sugar are a nightmare as this is when i lose the veneer. Please help me find a solution to this terrible problem this dentist has caused to my life. I am depressed. Thank you,
A. You need to contact your dentist and discuss this with them. Failing that get a second opinion from another dentist.
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