My implant failed and no one seems able to give me practical advice. What should I do?

Q. I had 3 Bicon implants at LL5 & 6 and LR4. The latter failed within days. The other two survived. However, after they were crowned recently I began to smell a rat because dentist would not show me post-implant x-rays. Long story short, LL6 is half in-half out, hence the reason for the odd sensation, and another dentist has confirmed that it will fail. There is also a 6mm pocket there, which I believe will aid further bone loss. After many years regular crowns failed and they were not replaced by anything. My upper jaw has enough depth apparently but ridge is too narrow. What to do? No one seems able to give me practical advice. I am 59.,
A. it is very difficult to comment on the above. i feel you should visit your dentist and discuss this with him again. if you are not happy i offer a free consulation at www, dr soni
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