My implant fell out should I leave the area alone to heal?

Q. After 5 years my implant has fallen out. For about 6 months I was noticing food getting stuck at the site of the implant. One day I went to floss and the implant totally feel out!! When I smile or talk you can not see the missing tooth. It has been 2 weeks and the site is beginning to close. Is it OK to leave it alone? Will it heal without infection. I\’m not sure I want to rep

lace it. (The entire implant with post intact fell out) I am looking for new dentist after several of our family has had problems with fillings ect. that she has performed. So I am interested in another oppinion. Thank you so much.,
A. Thank you for your enquiry. It is a shame you have lost your implant it is unusual for it to fail after 5 years. The site will heal on its own, if you are considering another implant I would advise to replace it as soon as possible as you wil now be starting to loose bone around the site. I am happy to take a look please feel free to contact the clinic.
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