My Implant Has Fallen Out. What Should I Do?

Hi there please help! I had an implant fitted 5 weeks ago, but now it has fallen out! It started to move about a lot when I ate, and a couple of days ago it come out completely. I don’t know what to do as the screw came out as well as the tooth. What shall I do and how much will it cost to get it back in? Why did it even come out? I’m really confused and distressed. Thank you.
Thank you for your question. The answer to this depends on whether you mean just the crown and the post have fallen out, or the entire implant. If it’s the crown and post, it will screw back onto the implant that’s still in the gum. If it’s the whole implant, it’s possible that it was knocked before the bone was completely healed. Go back to your dentist to see how the problem can be solved, and how much it might cost. When it is back in, I would suggest following a soft diet for at least 6 weeks, as this will help to keep the implant from coming loose. 
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