My implants keep failing. What does this mean and what can be done?

Q. I got dental implants on the top of my mouth 2.5 years ago. Thats how long I have been going through this. I have had 1 fail after another. Right now I think I have 2 failing. Should I keep going through this pain if they are going to keep failing? I just don’t understand why I am having so much trouble. And my dentist says he doesn’t understand either, what does that mean?,
A. Hi many thanks for your email, there are many reasons for dental implants failing: smoking, past smoking,bone quality, bone infections, poor oral hygiene, reaction to metals, gum infections around teeth near dental implants, poor controlled diabetes, immuno comprimised medical conditions. my advice would be to investigate the reasons for possible failure in your body. Dr Kailesh Solanki
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