My teeth have begun to crumble and I don’t know why, could you please advise?

My teeth have become week since i had my children the first being 13 years ago and the last of 4 being 3 years ago, but within the last two months my teeth have began to crumble. I am not over weight and run atleast 3 times aweek, we eat at every meal fruit and veg.(mainly friut salad and salad). Although thinking about it we did have two littres of freshly squeezed oranges every day from november to january. could this have had a part in all of a sudden that my teeth have started to crumble? I am 40 but since november have started to have taccicardio and passing out on a daily basis. I was given at the end of feb almarytn 100mg per day my heart is better now and I dont pass out any more. But at the same time that I was given the new tablet it seems that my teeth problems started? brush my teeth 3 or four times aday and use mouth wash and have regular visits to the dentist. Apart from the reason I have outlined in this email I cannot think of anything else that has changed in the last couple of months? I would really like to know what I should do now? I have never had problems when I was younger my teeth were always strong and I have never really had an over sweet tooth and I hardly ever drink fizzy drinks. Thank you very much for looking at my problem and I look forward to your answer.
It does sound like you drink too much acidic drinks as this much orange juice could cause erosion of the enamel, this might explain why the teeth are crumbling, perhaps visit you dentist to discuss your problem in detail and let him know about the orange juice.
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