My two front crowns are falling out, can I have dental implants instead

Both my 2 upper front teeth are crowned following an accident when I was 11, I am now 46. I have had 2 Apisectomies on one of the teeth (crowns). I have started feeling a lot of pressure again above this tooth & also the crown looks like it has dropped, compared to the other crown next to it. I have several questions:
1. Can I have another apisectomy performed?
2. If I have to have an implant would it be better to replace both front teeth with a double implant, although the other tooth has been fine since being crowned.
3. I am on a budget as well, & don’t have spare cash available so would have to get a loan for the treatment, is there finance available to cover this.
4. Could I have an implant & treatment done on 1 day or would I need a bone graph as I have read on the Internet.
Sorry I’m really upset & confused by it all!!
1. possibly but difficult to say without an examination. Repeat apicecotomies have a poor prognosis
2.again very difficult to say without examining the teeth and looking at the xrays.
3. At our practices we offer finance packages from 1 to 5 years.
4. sorry but impossible to answer this question without examining the mouth as each case is different dependable on many factors.
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