Noone can fix my teeth because of my complex case, can you help me?

Q. Hello. I\’ve been to a number of cosmetic dentists now to see if they can fix my teeth and not a lot of them are prepared to do it because my case is pretty complex. I have a bad case of gingivitis which i am currently treating but i\’m in dire need of dental implants. I have a root canal that i want removing and my crowned teeth and replaced with dental implants so all of my teeth look natural and the same. can you help me? a lot of my teeth are badly decayed under the crowns and at the back of my mouth.,
A. Hi. The best thing to do would be to arrange a consultation to get a complete overview of your current oral health and what you want to achieve. From there we can then discuss treatment plan options along with the associated costs. Please feel free to call the team at the practice and they will be more than happy to help you arrange an appointment if you wish. Regards George Glover
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