Out of shape teeth make me look like a vampire. What options other than braces are available to treat this?

hello sir,
i am nineteen and i have a problem with my teeth. i am afraid to smile becuase i dont want people to see my teeth. my teeth are out of shape as if I i look like a vampire, if you get what i mean when I say this. Is there a way to fix this problem with my teeth that you know of? I know braces arean option but are there any other options as alternatives? a retainer perhaps to fix the problem?? i dont have gaps in between mt teeth as they are just out of shape. and its really hard to floss becuase i cant reach into every part. what can i do?
Hello,   Unfortunately it is impossible to say what can be done about your particular situation without examining your mouth as each individual patient is different. Generally the options available would be braces or veneers, but to answer accurately it would require a proper consultation at a dental practice.
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