Should I pay for expensive dental implants or get mini implants?

Q. I have been quoted £2,187 for 3 Implants and some extraction work so an upper denture can be fitted by ‘Dentale’ in Shrewsbury who are a training practice. My own dentist in Belper does Implant work and originally told me the prices of these implants were impossible to obtain. He now tells me having examined the paperwork that he is concerned about the overall plan from ‘Dentale’ and sees no need for Full Implants. He suggests Mini Implants . There may be a small amount of bone augmentation needed for Full Implants but Dentale have made that clear. When I challenged Dentale they consider Mini Implants to have a higher risk of failure. I have spoken to someone I know who used Dentale and was very satisfied but there is greater expense and inconvenience in travelling and if adjustments are needed afterwards my local dentist is handy.He now also tells me he can match the price after all.Presumably because he’s using Mini Implants. I am keen for a better denture nearly swallowed the existing one with my Xmas cake.. What would you advise me?,
A. I do not advise mini implants for anything apart from a temporary solution.
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One Response to “Should I pay for expensive dental implants or get mini implants?”

  • Derek Pepperell says:

    Many thanks. That is the view of ‘Dentale’. I have already undergone the implant work and am recovering at present.
    I will most likely change my local dentist following the completion of this work.

    Thankyou for taking the trouble to reply.

    Derek P.

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