Should I use braces or implants to close a gap in my smile?

I would like to have implants on my bottom row where I have four teeth missing ( two on the left and two on the right side of my mouth, the spaces are in the same location). I am also considering having braces to close the gaps between my lower teeth (on the bottom row). Can these treatments be undertaken one after the after and if so in what order? Can these treatments be done at the same time during the period that the implants are healing? Can braces be attached to teeth that have had implants, or should this be avoided? What would your recommendation be? Also as a result of the missing teeth, the tooth in the upper level has grown longer as if it is trying to fill the lower space. How will this be corrected when replacement teeth have been implanted; is this undertaken during the implant procedure?
1. Brace first implants after
2. The upper tooth may need trimming or repositioning with a brace
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