Since My Apicoectomy, My Roots Are Slightly Exposed, Is This A Problem?

Hi, I had an apicoectomy done in December last year everything went fine but the surgery was done above my crowns on front teeth now my tooth from under the crowns are slightly exposed i am worried that I may do some damage. What do you think is the best thing that I can do? Would I need to have new crowns fitted? If so will I be able to have it done on NHS? Or are there any solutions that could be used to fill the gaps somehow, or perhaps even should I wait longer and hope things will approve? Thank you for your time.
My recommendation would be to seek a clinical examination which would involve looking around the crowns and taking xrays. This will enable the clinician to answer your question

If the teeth are fine and you wish to improve the cosmetics , then the crowns could possibly replaced. I would recommend to achieve a high quality of aesthetics, then you would have to consider private crowns constructed by a highly qualified and artistic technician.

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