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I Have Recurring Abscesses, Should I Be Worried?

February 9th, 2014

I had a dental abscess over 5 years ago in top left gum. I had root canal and a crown. For several months I have been able to feel an odd sensation where the abscess was but as it wasn’t painful and was infrequent I didn’t do anything about it. A couple of weeks ago the sensation became stronger and was persistent then last week I noticed a lump the size of a large pea. The dentist was vague but said it wasn’t really an abscess, more an infection where the abscess had been and prescribed metronidazole. I have just finished the course and there is very little if any change. It’s not bothering me other than concern over what it is and I would leave it to see if the lumps goes itself but next month I was planning to try to get pregnant. Should I go back to the dentist? (I told him my plans and he wasn’t concerned but he did seem very relaxed!)

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