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Is £7000 A Reasonable Price For The Treatment I Need?

March 28th, 2015

I have a failed episiotomy on one of my upper front teeth. The one next to it which is also one of my front teeth has an infection above it too, although I have experienced no pain yet. They are both crowned with metal posts. I have had a CT scan which shows bone loss. To have them both replaced with implants using donated bone, I have to have the posts put in with temporary teeth attached for 6 months, then have permanent teeth attached. I am being charged £7000, does this price sound reasonable? 

dr nick fahey

Dr Nick Fahey
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What is the best option for the permanent replacement of dentures?

September 15th, 2012

I have had a partial denture since the age of 16 – 4 front upper teeth and also have gaps on either side. This denture has sunk a little so it looks like I have fangs either side and is a little loose although that doesn’t cause any real problems. The current denture has lasted quite a long time but my dentist did some extraction work and didnt really seem interested in looking into the replacement of the denture at that time – it was mentioned but not part of the NHS treatment on offer? So now I am looking to have something more permanent and aesthetically pleasing. Can you advise what the options maybe ? I am now 53 yrs of age

dr andrew moore

Dr Andrew Moore
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I have an abscess and think my tooth will need to be extracted, do you have any advice?

August 21st, 2012

Dear Dr Moore,
My two front upper teeth were root canalled around 3 years ago and I am currently in the process of having NHS veneers but now I have an abscess. I’ve taken a 7 day course of 250mg amoxicillin. I have an appointment with an endodontist soon to see if he can do a re-root canal. But I think in all likelihood my teeth will have to be extracted. So I’ve been researching implants. I have many questions, please could you try to answer them:
1) If my teeth are removed can the hole be filled with a bio-scaffolding like Alverlac? I’ve heard this stuff is good for preventing bone loss.
2) how long will I have to wait to have implants after having my teeth extracted? I’ve heard implants can be placed in the jaw straight after having the teeth removed, is this correct?
3) I believe my gums are quite thin but think they are healthy as I don’t smoke and I’m in good general health. Although, their not ‘bouncy and thick’ looking. Which I’ve heard is preferable for successful implants. Will this be a problem for implants and will you be able to see them through the gums? Or will I have to have a soft tissue graft? And if so how much would this cost and where exactly in the mouth would the tissue be taken from?
4) Have the course of anti-biotics I’ve taken been enough to have killed some/ if not all the bacteria. Or do they just stop the bacteria from spreading?
5)How do you know if you have a good amount of bone in the upper jaw for implants? Is there some kind of average measurement?
6) I’m a student but have a part time job which consists of 20 hours. I was wondering could I pay for my treatment through a dental finance loan company such as Medenta (so I’ll pay a monthly sum for 12 months or so) or are these types of loans only available to full time workers.
7) If I can’t get the loan I’ve worked out it will take me about a year to save for two implants. In the meantime I really dont want to have my teeth extracted (because of the whole bone loss thing and cosmetic appearance). So if I leave the abscessed tooth for the year will this be a problem? Will it cause any ill effects? I’ve already taken anti-biotics. Will I have to take more?
8) If the crown on the implant needs to be replaced what would be the cost? Would it be a similar cost to having a crown on a natural tooth? Or be more expensive?
9) Is it worth having a re-root canal? I’ve read these can cost in excess of £500 and there not always successful. Will it really make a difference? or like I said could I just leave it and save for 12 months for implants?
I know its a lot of questions and of course you havent seen my case but if you could answer my questions it really would help. Thanks.

dr andrew moore

Dr Andrew Moore
Advance Dental Clinic
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My two front crowns are falling out, can I have dental implants instead

July 26th, 2012

Both my 2 upper front teeth are crowned following an accident when I was 11, I am now 46. I have had 2 Apisectomies on one of the teeth (crowns). I have started feeling a lot of pressure again above this tooth & also the crown looks like it has dropped, compared to the other crown next to it. I have several questions:
1. Can I have another apisectomy performed?
2. If I have to have an implant would it be better to replace both front teeth with a double implant, although the other tooth has been fine since being crowned.
3. I am on a budget as well, & don’t have spare cash available so would have to get a loan for the treatment, is there finance available to cover this.
4. Could I have an implant & treatment done on 1 day or would I need a bone graph as I have read on the Internet.
Sorry I’m really upset & confused by it all!!

Dr Kalpesh Bohara

Dr Kalpesh Bohara
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