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Can I Get Implant Treatment on the NHS?

July 4th, 2015

Hi Kalpesh, unfortunately my situation isn’t great. I haven’t taken enough care of my teeth over the last year or so and as a result they’re not in good shape. Aside from being worn down, they are also really crooked so my mouth does not look pleasant at all. I’ve been doing some research and as far as I can see I have 2 main options. I could have the bad teeth removed on the NHS and then pay for a brace with a private orthodontist, or have them taken out and get a full set of dental implants. Is this correct? Ideally I’d like to know how much this would all cost. Would I be able to receive free or discounted treatment as I am currently 25, fresh out of university and don’t have a job? 

Dr Kalpesh Bohara

Dr Kalpesh Bohara
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I have natural crooked teeth. Could you remove and replace them with false teeth?

September 29th, 2011
i have natural crooked teeth could you remove and replace all,
dr andrew moore

Dr Andrew Moore
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Would braces and implants fix my one missing and other crooked teeth?

July 20th, 2011
I have a missing tooth, but my teeth are also crooked. I am therefore hoping to get my teeth straightened and get this missing tooth sorted out. Would braces and some other treatment be an option? What is your opinion?,
dr mukesh soni

Dr Mukesh Soni
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Is there any way I can find financial help to cover my dental costs?

June 25th, 2011
Hello I am English but live in Norway must just tell you that I receive zero income from either Norway & UK? long story just wondered if it were possible(somehow) to find financial help? if not will have to try myself. The problem is it costs £100 for a simple gums are gone,my remaining teeth are loose and the pain increases almost daily..I would give anything for implants but can my crooked loose teeth be helped as well as implants(mini) for the already missing teeth. I know you have to see me ..but some idears appreciated all the best.,
dr glover

Dr Glover
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