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I have been informed differently about dental implants by two seperate dentists. Who should I trust?

December 16th, 2012

Currently I’m looking into having teeth implants because of gap in my front teeth & having gum disease which I have had treatment for but I have been told need four front teeth removed and four implant and another dental implant dentist said only should require dentist uses 3i implant only and another uses various Nobel,strumann please could you help me I’m not sure which brand is right also which dentist is telling me correct.


Dr Kalpesh Bohara

Dr Kalpesh Bohara
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I’ve been quoted different prices for treatments, what should I do?

June 6th, 2011
Hello. I have been to several cosmetic dentists who have all quoted me different prices. 2 said that 3 dental implants could cost up to £6,000 and the other dentist said that they could cost me around £2,500. I don\’t know who to trust. How much would 3 dental implants with crowns cost?,
dr nick fahey

Dr Nick Fahey
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