The bone where I had the implant placed has fractured, what do I do?

Q. Hi I had a dental implant placed a few weeks ago and everything seemed fantastic until i started suffering with extreme pain. My dentist has said the implant area has fractured because there wasn\’t as much bone as he thought and my mouth has rejected the implant, i\’m really upset by this, what can I do now? The implants were to replace to missing bottom teeth, thank you for any help in advance.,
A. Hi. It\’s difficult to advise you without a full clinical examination. If your mouth has rejected the implant then it would normally be taken out and allowed to heal. It may be that you require some form of bone augmentation to support the implants. Discuss the options with your dentist so that you know what the next steps are and what the treatment will involve. Regards. George Glover BDS MSc
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