What does the bone grafting procedure involve?

Q. I understand with the bone graft procedure that bone is taken from another part of your body and then used to strengthen the bone which holds the teeth in place. Could you tell me if this is done as one complete procedure or if there is the need for one appointment to get bone taken and then another appointment to put the bone in the gums? Also, what level of pain are we talking about now and sedation?

If a patient requres a block graft , then bone would usaully be taken from the chin or back of the jaw and placed in the site where the implant is being placed. This is carried out in one procedure.  The patient will have swelling , bruising and discomfort for a few days. This procedure is usaully carried out under iv sedation.

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What does the bone grafting procedure involve?

Q. What does the bone grafting procedure involve?
A. hi many thanks for your email, a bone graft procedure is where bone is taken from one site in the body either somewhere in the mouth ie the chin and placed into the area where bone is needed to then place a dental implant.

sometimes artificial bone can also be used which come from either human origin or pigs and cows.

hope this is helpful.

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