What is the best make of dental implant to get?

Dear Doctor, I’m planing to have a dental implant done on my last tooth (the molar). i’ve visited 2 dentist to compare prices and implants used. Is there any difference or a better choice of implant between the 2 brands; Alpha bio and Sybron Pro TL? Please could you advise on the matter, so I can find the best option for me, i want the implant with the greatest level of success, so whatever in your experience is the better option
Personally I recommend to always consider the implants which are well known such as 3i, biohorizons, astra, etc. The reason is because they have many years of research and if something was to go wrong with the components 10 years down the line, there would be more dentists who would have the equipment related to the well known implants.

Remember cheap is not always best. The reasons why an implant may be cheaper is due to using cheaper quality implants, abutments and crowns. This may have a consequence to the longevity and definately the aesthetics.

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