What would I have to do to get a dental implant after my first one failed?

Q. I experienced a failed dental implant because of in infection in my gum caused by gum disease i\’m contemplating having another dental implant because i really do not want dentures. What would i have to do to get a dental implant now? And can you please recommend a good dental implant dentist in the scotland area for me? Thank you,
A. Hi Thanks for your question. You would alomost certainly be best to get the gum disease treated and stable and have your oral hygiene excellent with a very low plaque score. This will involve you seeing a dental hygienist and possibly even a periodontist. You would then need to be assessed to see what the bone levels are for placing a dental implant or if bone augmentation may be required. There are many practices that offer dental implants, have a look at the find a dentist section on this site and I\’m sure you\’ll find someone close to you. Regards George Glover
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