What’s the Best Option to Fix My Broken Teeth?

Hello Dr McGovern. 

I have a couple of old fillings and about 4 broken teeth that make me feel very self-conscious about my appearance. I shouldn’t have left things as long as I have, but I was too embarrassed to see a dentist. Now I realise I need to sort myself out. What would you suggest my best options are? I’d also like to know how much treatment might cost, and how long it will take. Thank you.

Hello, thank you for your question. It depends if the teeth need to be removed or not. If so, the best option might be to place some implants and create a full arch. But, if you have a lot of healthy teeth, you might just need the bad ones removing and replacing with dental implants. It’s hard to say how long this might take without knowing which solution would be best, and it’s the same with cost. I’d suggest a consultation with an implant dentist to find out what’s available to you.
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