Why is it going to take 4-6 months to fix a crown to my dental implant?

I am aged 58.Only two days ago My dentist have implanted a metallic screw type material on one my tooth. I thought he will provide me a crown on that screw within a day or two but he is now telling he will fix the crown after 4 or 6 months. Will you please explain me why so delay. An orthopedic surgeon dose not need so much time to insert a metallic part on the human body. Human body accepts a particular type of titanium alloy do you think that the screw what my dentist have implanted is of not that type so this unnecessary time is required to acclaim the given metal with my body .
It is difficult to say. We wait from 3 weeks to 9 months depending on the procedure. The more grafting that is done the longer you tend to have to wait although that is not always the case i.e hip grafts. visit your dentist again to have them explain  their reasons
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