Why may a dental implant fail?

Q. Is there a particular reason why a person may reject a dental implant? I had a dental implant placed but it not work out, and I am now going to have to get it sorted. If I have another implanted is there any likelihood that the same problem will arise? Or was I just unfortunate or something?
A. hi many thanks for your email, there are many reasons why an implant fails:

it can be due to:  
1: your body rejecting the implant due to lack of blood supply in the area due to smoking
2: your health ie diabetic patients have an increased failure rate.
3:bone quality, upper implants have an higher failure rate than lower dental implants.
4:the technique that it was done under, making sure cross infection control procedures were met.
5:The quality of the dental implant.
6:if an infection was present at implant placement time
7:the level of oral hygiene in general
8:if the implant was placed into an extraction site can increse the level of failure.

as you can see my advice would be discuss with your surgeon the reasons he thinks the implant may have failed and then devise a plan of action to make sure the implant takes the second time.

hope this is helpful.

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