Will I be able to get dental implants after my infected tooth is entirely removed through surgery?

Q. i am going to be having surgery to remove the remaining portion of an infected tooth that lost its top cover from decay. when i get this removed would i be able to get dental implants if there was an infection? how long would healing time be before i can get implants? potential cost that i should expect. thanks.,
A. Hi Unfortunately it is impossible to answer many of your questions without examining the mouth. 1. There is a possibility you could have an implant but depends on many factors i.e bone quality, amount of bone, condition of gums, the way you bite, etc 2.If You have implants the time for the impalnt to integrate with the bone can take from 2 to 4 months depeding on many factors. 3. cost depends on quality of dental implant, quality of crown (which means aesthetical quality), do you require bone graft, etc. If done properly and the patient or dentist does not cut corners then a well placed dental implant can function for many years.
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