Will I be without teeth during the gap between implant placement and placement of new tooth?

Q. hello dr nick fahey and thank you and good day and all that. The problem is that my teeth are very very rotten, and i want to replace them all with implants, i have recently heard that you have to remove all the teeth and then drill the implants in and followed then by the caps or crowns etc to go on afterwards, is there a time period between these two procedures as i am unsure. Its just that it would be relatively embarrassing and impractical to go around without any teeth at all!  in between these two procedures to complete the results. Can you also tell mw what is the usual treatment time limit for the procedure discussed doc? thanks for your time ,
A. Hello and thank you for your enquiry. Teeth in a day is possible if you are the right candidate and also have sufficient funds. that would make it so you don’t have this gap in between procedures. I hope that is of help to you in some way concerning your dilemma.
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