Would gum regeneration be possible to make gums look natural?

Q. Hello, Hope you don’t mind these questions…. A few years ago I had 2 teeth knocked out, top central incisor and the lateral next to it. I had implants placed but had lost a bit of gum in the area due to the long process. I have had the implants now a few years, and whilst I think they look ok, the gum above them is very dark and receded, compared to the rest of my healthy pink gum. Is there anything that can be done to repair/regenerate gum in this area? I cant find much information on such a procedure and it does seem complicated now that I have the implants in place. Also aesthetically I am left with a black hole in between the implants where gum should be. Also, an odd question, but would there be a difference in fees to see you at your practice in pangbourne rather than london? Also Im a healthy 24 year old male with no other teeth problems. ,
A. Regeneration is sometimes possible. However, usually the most predictable way of dealing with it is by remaking the crowns as a bridge (i.e. linked together) with some pink porcelain on it to make it all appear natural. I would have to see you before I could advise you further. Pangbourne is roughly the same as London, so it would be where is the most convenient. Bw Nick
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