Would I be able to replace loose crowns with implants based on my past trauma?

Q. hi, when i was 8 i lost my upper 4 in a car trauma. i had to wait until my jaw had developed before crowns could be placed and although they were a vast improvement iv never been happy with my teeth. im 34 now an have loose crowns an some receeding to. To say im a little emabarassed is a understatment. i know i had extensive treatment on my bone work when i was little i guess what i would like to know is it possible we can fit implants to someone like myself? id say im not in the best condition teethwise or i wouldnt be contacting you but i have stopped smoking for over a year now and brush mornin night with elctric toothbrush. thank you very much for your time an i look foward to hearing from you,
A. hi many thanks for your email, well the first positive move you have made is to stop smoking as its one of the largest contributing factors to implant failure. the first thing would be to seek out a implant dentist to assess the loose crowns and condition of the bone to assess the risk of having implants placed. once this assessment is made with relevant costings you can make a decision on which treatment options are for you. if you are local to Manchester i would be happy to see you for a consultation. hope this information is helpful. Kailesh
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  • ANDI says:

    i live in the isle of man, i was wishing for some good advice before i made further plans… as i am aware there are ni implant surgeons local to the iom so therefore i would travel to manchester

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