Would I be able to replace my crown with a dental implant?

Q. Dear Dr Solanki, I am 44 years old. I don’t know if you can help me. I have never had any self confidence because I have a crown on my front tooth, which is so unsightly, but I have tolerated because it was the only one that never fell out!! I don’t really live life to the full because my self esteem is so low, although I try my best to hide it. My dentist says he is relunctant to replace my crown in spite of my pleas because he thinks I will need an apicectomy. Dr Solanki, I am terrified of losing my front tooth/teeth. I am aware that there is a slight sensitivity above my front tooth in my gum near my septum. Do you think I would be suitable for an implant? If so, could you tell me the cost? Finally, Dr Solanki, could I have a consultation with you on Friday 13th November to discuss my situation. I appreciate that might not be suitable, so no pressure. Thank you for any advise or help you can offer me. Best regards, Mary.
A. Hi mary, thanks for your email. The first thing i would say is to come and see me so I can assess the tooth inquestion and see if I feel we can save the tooth. This would be my recommendation. If this is not possible then we can explore the option of a dental implant to replace the tooth.

The cost of a single tooth dental implant including the crown is around £2100. 

I am more than happy to see you for a consultation. I work at my new city centre practice on fridays. Please contact Helen, my practice manager, on h@kissdental.co.uk and arrange this. I will make sure the consultation is free of charge.

Many thanks

Dr Kailesh Solanki

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