Would I have to get my four teeth replaced with implants at once, or can I get one done and the others down the line?

Q. Dear Dr Solanki, I have root canals in four of my front teeth, one of which is causing problems and needs to be removed. I have been advised by my dentist that the other three teeth will need to come out eventually but should last another five years or so before this is necessary. I am being advised to get all four teeth extracted and the implants put in place all at once but to me this seems a bit extreme. Is this method preferable rather than just having one implant inserted then having the neighbouring teeth done a few years down the line? Obviously I want to hold on to my natural teeth for as long as possible and am worried about the cost of four implants as opposed to just one. Your opinion would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks ,
A. It might work better in the long-term to have the teeth done together. This often means less surgery and implants in the long run. Also if the bone is being lost then removal of the teeth before implants become impossible is always best however each case is different and a slower approach can be best for some patients
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