Would the NHS fund implants in my circumstances?

Q. 8 years I got attacked which left me with no from teeth, i now wear a denture i’m now 33. over the years the denture has rubbed and wore and way some of my other teeth, I currenlty have 5 on my plate(origanlly it was 3) and now it has started to wear away another one of my teeth, i am scared my the time i am in my 40’s i will have no upper teeth of my own. I am currently on income support. and i am wondering if implants are avaliable on the NHS, as i have read that in some cases you can have them. Thanks,
A. Many thanks for your email, in your circumstance i do not feel the NHS will fund your implant treatment. they now provide more treatment need such as loss of teeth would warrant a denture. hope this is helpful. Dr Kailesh Solanki
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