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Solihull is a very popular commuter town situated just 9 miles from the centre of Birmingham. This residential area is home to young professionals and families, as well as being a popular choice for older people who are looking to enjoy a relaxing retirement.

Solihull is home to some excellent dentists, many of whom have taken an interest in dental implant treatment. Dental implants have revolutionised treatment for missing teeth and they are an increasingly popular choice for patients of all ages who have lost teeth as a result of an accident or trauma, a sporting injury or dental disease.

If you are seeking a long-term, highly effective treatment for missing teeth, an implantologist in Solihull can help to restore your smile and your confidence. Implants can be used to secure a denture or a dental bridge to replace multiple teeth or a crown to replace a single missing tooth.

Dentists recommend replacing teeth that have been lost because gaps in the mouth contribute to a host of functional and aesthetic problems. Remaining teeth can start to slip out of position, there is an increased risk of dental health problems, patients may find it difficult to eat properly and there is the obvious impact on the look of the smile. This has negative implications for confidence and body image.

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