Dental Implant Manufacturers

Dental manufacturers are divided into specialist groups. Some will specialise in a wide range of products whereas others will concentrate on one or two products.

These groups are as thus:

  • Dental surgery equipment
  • Impression materials and casting
  • Root canal instruments

Precious and non-precious metals

  • Laboratory equipment
  • Radiographic equipment
  • Infection control products
  • Handpieces
  • Burs and abrasives
  • Diamond instruments
  • Filling materials
  • Dental instruments

3i Implant Innovations Inc, Scientific Instruments Company and Wells Dental Inc are just a few of the many suppliers, in both the UK and worldwide.

Dental Implant Brands

  • 3i Implant Innovations
  • Asden Ltd
  • Astra Tech Ltd
  • Bicon
  • Biora
  • Bio-Lock
  • BioHorizons
  • BT Lock srl
  • Friatec
  • Geistlich Biomaterials
  • General Medical Equipment Co.
  • Innova Life Science Co.
  • Intra-Lock
  • Lifecore
  • Nobel Biocare
  • Osteo Care
  • Osteo-Ti Ltd
  • Sterri-Oss
  • Straumann
  • Sulzer-Calcitek Ltd
  • Zimmer Dental

Every professional has their own favourite brand, based upon ease of use, reliability, biocompatibility, functionality and design. For example, the Intra-Lock implant is considered to be one of the newer forms of implant and used in immediate loading cases.

Short overview of each brand:

3i implant innovations

They produce an external hex implant in both the screw and cylinder format. Currently promoting a complete restorative system which includes three types of implant:

  • titanium
  • zirconia
  • titanium nitrade

Asden Ltd

Specialist range of prosthetic devices such as a wax tray system (for denture production), denture gauge, bite plane and bite gauge.

Astra Tech Ltd

They manufacture and market dental implants such as the Astra Tech BioManagement Complex and medical devices. Their implant system is comprised of 4 features:

  • conical seal design
  • microthread
  • osseospeed
  • connective contour


They produce a fin shaped, tapered internal taper. This is tapped into place rather than screwed for improved ease of use.


Part of Straumann: they offer a range of products and services
which include guided instruments for implant procedures and their bone level implant.


Manufacturers of a tapered external hex implant with a good thread system.


This is an international company which promotes a range of products such as implants, prosthetics and instruments. Their implant range includes both internal and external implants and an overdenture.

BT Lock srl

A dental prosthetics manufacturer. They offer a ‘Next Generation System’ which features a locking type implant in which the abutment ‘locks’ into the implant and a range of mini implants.


They produce a tapered internal hex implant.

Geistlich Biomaterials

This is a family owned company with a whole range of products and services, that includes a dental section. They market dental implants and bone grafting materials.

General Medical Equipment Company

A UK based company that is a specialist supplier of surgical products and dental implant accessories.


An international company which produces dental implants, surgical instruments, overdentures and lab components. They manufacture an external hex implant in both the cylinder and screw format.

Innova Life Science Company

A worldwide corporation that manufacture implant systems, bone augmentation materials, barrier membranes and handpieces.


A relatively new player in the field of dental implantology. They produce both internal and external implants and their much vaunted Drive Lock system.


A US based company which manufacturers several different types of implant that include an external hex implant and a Morse taper implant.

Nobel Biocare

These took the work conducted by Professor Branemark (the ‘father of dental implants) and marketed a functional and useful dental implant.

*Professor Branemark was the pioneer of osseointegration.

Their implants are still used the world over.


A UK based manufacturing company that specialises in dental implants and prosthetics. As well as implants they offer a wireless hand-held unit which can measure osseointegration.

Osteo-Ti Ltd

A British based company that specialises in the design of dental implant systems. One of their products is the Eezi-Combi implant system which is suitable for both immediate loading and delayed placement.


A manufacturer of dental implants and prosthetics that was acquired by Nobel Biocare.


They manufacture a single stage implant with a Morse taper. This implant has a sand-blasted, acid-etched surface which the company claims, speeds up osseointegration.

Sulzer-Calcitek Ltd

Part of Zimmer Dental, they produce a range of implants which include a spline implant connection, a tapered screw vent and a tapered swiss plus.

Zimmer Dental

See above.

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