Are implants causing my sinus problems?

Q. $ months ago I had implant pins fitted, 4weeks ago the posts. I know have completely dry nose with 2 red swellings up it and my mouth is turning very dry as well.I have ear infections and am on Erythromycin what is happening to me? A few days after implants which are about 5 teeth from front I had a massive discharge of clear fluid from my nose. Also a big implant was shoved into an extraction socket. After the posts were attached my dentist said all is well and he wants to attach the crowns but I am rekuctant in case I need the implants removed. Help! Also I have had an overactive thyroid in past and my immunity dropped when I took the antithyroid medicine, Please please help me! Thank you Julia,

It sounds unrelated to your dental implants but I would go back and see what the dentist says before the next stage. If you where my patient I would get a second opinion from an ENT specialist if the implants aren’t the cause.

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