Dental Insurance

Dental treatment is generally considered to be quite pricey, but dental insurance options could be a solution making dental care accessible to people with smaller earnings. Dental insurance policies are based on the person making monthly or annual payments and are tailored to match the individual needs of the customer. For example, not all insurance providers include emergency dentistry. Moreover, some insurance plans can only be used to cover dentistry procedures by NHS, while others will include private treatments as well.

As a rule, every insurance provider will have certain terms and conditions that the patient will have to comply with. Normally, these conditions include a restriction on the price of a treatment and on the total sum spent on dental procedures in a year. In most cases, the customer will be asked to pay for the appointment first and claim the amount spent back from the insurance provider. Most dental insurance plans will not include tooth replacement, procedures resulting from traumas or accidents, aesthetic and orthodontic procedures as well as oral cancer treatment. Moreover, most insurance plans will only offer partial coverage (up to 75%) of the amount spent in total.

The customers who meet the requirements for dental insurance will need to have relatively healthy teeth and will be asked to provide a written confirmation that they are not planning to have dental work any time soon.

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