Immediate Loading Implant

This is the medical term used to describe the process in which a replacement tooth/teeth or restorations are placed right away rather than waiting for osseointegration.

This is done as a single procedure rather than the traditional ‘two stage placement’ or ‘delayed placement’.

This is becoming a popular choice of procedure for patients who don’t want to wait a period of months before getting their new teeth. This instant process allows them to have the implant followed by the attachment of the restorations – all in the one procedure.

This procedure is often marketed as ‘teeth in a day’ or ‘teeth today’ and whilst it sounds very appealing, is not without its problems. There are pros and cons with every form of dental treatment and this is no exception.

The standard two stage placement is still the preferred choice of procedure for many dentists. The reason for this is that it allows the implants to heal properly and osseointegration to take place which results in a strong foundation for the restorations.

The problem with immediate loading is that the implants will not have healed and so, have not fused with the jawbone. This increases the risk of implant failure.

What are the advantages of this procedure?

Firstly, there is no waiting period whilst oseeointegration takes place. And secondly, there is no need for the patient to wear a complete denture whilst the implants are healing.


You will require a greater number of implants - often as a result of the high risk of implant failure.

Osseointegration will not be complete which can lead to the risk of failure or implant rejection.

And, it costs more than the conventional delayed placement.

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